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Midfields Granola is made entirely from natural ingredients and contains no refined sugar or added salt. It is a nutritious, enjoyable breakfast cereal that can be served with milk, yoghurt, or fruit juice, or eaten straight from the bag. We have varieties suitable for vegetarians, vegans and use only the best quality ingredients.

There now 12 Midfields Granola products available! These include our Original honey baked cereal, with chopped almonds, pumpkin and sunflower seeds. There is also a wheat free version and the lower calorie Sweet Freedom range using a natural fruit syrup.

Passionate about local food and supporting local people, Midfields Granola is a thriving cottage industry in a very rural area and we are proud to put ‘Made in Devon’ on our products. We supply individual/independent outlets, however our online business continues to expand. We now make over 1000 Cookies a week for Hotels and our own outlets. Our policy has always been never to sell to big Supermarkets, to produce a delicious, pure Breakfast Cereal hand baked in small batches, staying close to our roots.

Dietry Requirements?

We cater for specific dietry and allergy needs. Please click below to see our products made for vegan, wheat and gluten free diets:

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Autumn Free Offer

While we were baking away on the wonderful hot summer days this year, we took some time to create a new Midfields Granola Gluten Free very fruity Granola.

Our outlets asked us to create another Gluten Free due to the success of the Gluten Free Oat and Almond range, we launched two years ago.

We are offering you a FREE 200g bag of the NEW “Very Fruity Gluten Free Granola”, with any priced order until the end October.

It is VERY Fruity and contains, gluten free oats, cranberries,  golden raisins, coconut flakes,  chopped dates and apricots, pumpkin seeds, sunflower seeds and all baked in a syrup of grapes, carob and apple . No other sugar, salt or palm oil added. Just baked in West country rapeseed oil and the fruit syrup.

Our family tell us this is the best product out of our whole range to date, they should know, they go home with a variety every visit and with four children plus partners and grandchildren they deplete our stock a few times per year.